GOLD RUSH JEWELRY BUYERS has over 35 years of experience in the jewelry industry. Our family has been established in the jewelry business in Dallas for four decades. We have unmatched knowledge in the Precious Metal, Diamonds, Jewelry and Watch markets. Therefore, we can offer you the best value for goods. We have deep roots in the D/FW Metroplex and have quickly gained prominence and respect as the Premiere place to sell your Gold and Silver Jewelry.

The premise behind Gold Rush was to help people who have broken and unwanted Jewelry Watches and Diamonds find a place where they can go with respect. We know you don’t want to go to a pawnshop or a gold buyer where you are afraid to get out of your car or go in a seedy area with steel bars on the doors. We are located in a safe, clean neighborhood in the heart of North Dallas on the Southwest corner of Preston and Beltline road.
We are proud members of the Jeweler’s Board of Trade, and the Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America. The staff at GOLD RUSH is professional, courteous and treats you with the respect you deserve from the minute you walk into our office , the time you leave satisfied with cash in hand, and even after the transaction because we want your repeat business.

Unlike other “cash for gold” companies, GOLD RUSH is a brick and mortar operation. You don’t have to mail a Ziploc bag of your valuable precious metal and wait weeks to receive 10%-20% of what your gold is worth. Dealing with GOLD RUSH is convenient and hassle free. Unlike other gold dealers, the staff at GOLD RUSH scientifically tests your jewelry directly in front of you giving you an immediate accurate value of your Gold and pay you cash on the spot. No waiting, no hidden fees or gimmicks!

GOLD RUSH JEWELRY BUYERS also does gold parties and fund raisers. Please call us to today for more information!!!!



Scrap Gold, Damaged Gold, Platinum Jewelry, Any Precious Metal, Gold Coins, Silver Bars,  Necklaces, Chains Watches,  Gold Cufflinks, Bridges, Inlays, Sterling Silver , Platinum , Goldleaf (bulk) ,Platinum from Sterilized,  Cardiac Catheters , Used Gold , Gold Jewelry ,Silver
Jewelry , Silver Coins , Pins , Buillion , Charms , Gold Watch Bands, Gold Pins , Gold Cufflinks , Crowns , Brooches , Precious Stones, Silver Shot , Unwanted Gold , Silver Jewelry , Dental Gold , Coins, Gold Bars, Bracelets , Rings , Earrings, Gold Fillings , School Rings, Nuggets , Cufflinks , 9K to 24K Gold , Gold Dust (bulk) , European .3750 and up , Fine Silver



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Gold Rush Dallas helps you sell your unwanted or old jewelry. You can get emergency cash money in exchange for your valuables. call us today for more info. 

14999 Preston Rd (Suite D208)

Dallas, TX 75254

(214) 702-5540


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